Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving On

I came home… I hung up my gun… I lay off the booze.

*Bites cork from bottle and spits it across the porch*

I rebuilt this place.

* Takes a good long swig of whiskey*

I thought I could mend my ways. I thought I could settle down and live off the land. Yeah, a lean mean rootin’ tootin’ fella like me, trading potatoes and tomatoes for sugar and spice. All with one aim in mind.

*Wipes sleeve across mouth.*

Hell, I was even gonna fix the barn, but it ain’t gonna happen now. Ain’t nothing in there but dusty chairs anyhow. Only a week ago I was telling Nameless about the plans I had. Still trying to convince myself, I guess. Well, Nameless ain’t dumb. He just looked at me with those big sorrowful eyes of his and shamed me into silence. There’s no fooling a dog that looks into your soul and knows what you’re feeling inside. There just ain’t.

*Takes another swig of whiskey*

I never questioned my purpose in life before. Never had call to. But lately…

*Rolls a cigarette, flips it in the air, catches it in mouth.*

Win some; lose some, that’s how it goes. You shrug it off and walk away. Telling you the Mayhew story did me a power of good. When truth hits you in the eye and the wayward wind calls, there’s no turning back. There’s a big world out there, a world where a man can come and go, do what he wants and answer to no one. It’s my world, it’s where I belong.

*Lights cigarette*

I was down by the creek this morning. Just clearing my mind, that’s all. I’d been there a while when I heard something snuffling in the grass. It was Nameless. Can you believe that? After four years he finally shows me he can track. There’s hope for that dog yet.

*Smokes cigarette*

Housty and me took a walk down by the creek this afternoon. Ain’t right to say what we talked about. We just said our piece, made our peace and revisited good times. Hell, didn’t we just.

All good things come to an end sometime. If The Porch was any good at all, it was down to you folks. We sure had a lot of fun. I ain’t gonna make a speech about it. I’ll just leave you this little keepsake…

*Gulps down the rest of the whiskey*

I’ve done some jawing this past four years. Too much, some might say, and I wouldn’t disagree. If you only remember one thing I ever told you, remember what I said about stars. Just look for number 123 in the sidebar. It’s the truest thing I ever said.


Well, it’s time I was on my way. Don’t anybody fret about me. I’ll be out there somewhere just rolling my own cigarettes, following my own star and kicking up a ruckus. So long, folks.


Patsy said...

You're right there have been good times on this porch. You take care of yourself, cowboy.

How about a party just to wish you luck? The kind with a little food and a lot of whisky?

Kracken said...

You will NEVER be gone forever Mr. V. You will ALWAYS be in my heart. Your stuck...*wipes tears, or tries to with the back of her hand**your stuck in my heart like critter in critter soup!

You, this place, these people, Nameless, all hold a very special place...***blows nose on hem of skirt, hiccupping from crying so much***

I will smile but my heart is broken. You will be missed. See you when I see you Pard.

Take care.

Valerie said...

Yes, I feel like Kracken does. You will be missed... lots. Nameless, too. Look after yourself, Mr V.

Sutton Fox said...

You know, Mr. V., I’ve been around the block so many times I got dizzy, and been called a lot of things in the process. But nobody’s ever called me an angel. Except you.

*turns away, looks off to the horizon*

I’ll remember you fondly, Mr. V. Especially on those days when that dark place fights for more space than it’s got a right to.

*sniffs, swipes a tear off cheek with finger tips*

You take care now. If you’re ever out my way, stop on by. You know I’ll always have some of that fine sippin’ bourbon just waitin’ for ya.

cheyenne jones said...

Yep! been good, been bad, but your better at bein bad! Any way, thanks, and be see`in ya pard. Happy trails!

Diane Fordham said...

Yeah, been a lot of good times on this porch. You're a cheeky bugger Mr V, but a special one at that. I shall miss you Sir.

Johnny D. said...

I wish you wouldn't do this.

Oscar said...

There comes a time in every cowboy's life when he has to move up the trail. Awful sorry to see you go, Levity, Pard, but you sure said goodbye in very entertaining way and with a flourish!. Good luck and may the wind and the seas be following.

Johnny D. said...

Any chance you could mail me? It's on my blogger profile. Gonna really miss you.

JJ Cocker said...

One day, Cowboy, just one day... Mark my words, cos Miss JJ ain't wrong!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Take care, Mr V. I'm going to miss my favourite cowboy.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Wishing you well on your path, ol' Cowboy. Mayhap I'll even see you amidst my own rambling'

JJ Cocker said...

He's out there, getting up to no good, no doubt!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Miss Housty said ... the place is quiet now...but the heart remains ... for a man name Valance.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

A ghost from the past roams through the old porch looking for a lost love...a man named Valance.

logicus said...

well suppose must leave you seasons greetings, and a happy new year, decade, century